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There’s something you may not know about me…

Many of you own DVD’s.

I only own one DVD Collection, or should I say the greatest compilation of any pseudo-related films.

The Alien vs. Predator: Total Annihilation Collection

It is very simply comprised of Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, Predator, Predator 2, Alien vs. Predator, and finally, you guessed it Alien vs. Predator 2.

When it comes to film, this is all I need. I don’t ever see myself purchasing any other DVD’s as has been the MO of my adult life thus far. Being it that my favorite move of all time is Aliens, partly due to the story but mainly due to the fact that its simply the greatest film ever made. My profound affection for all of the characters borders on insanity with a dash of  deep familial conviction and am also a big fan of spaceships in general. (Side note, I also include Deep Sea Vessels in this category as the Deep Sea is essentially Deep Space. No its not but its still totally radical, some would even say bodacious).

So when I came across Nate Nielsen’s work I became “Geek Drunk” on “Nerdium Outofcontrolium”. Now, I’m not a big lego guy but his Lego spaceship creations are unbelievable. Take a moment to peruse his Flickr and see what kind of amazing creations he has come up with. Sadly, Nate Nielsen passed away earlier this year but his incredible imagination and unique ability to turn children’s colored blocks into space vessel prototypes lives on. Take a moment to check out some of his stuff below:

Nate Nielsen’s Flickr

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