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Current Obsession: Cat Food Commercials

I can’t explain this at all but lately I’ve been fascinated with cat food commercials. There is something beautiful about the lighting and soft images of the Fancy Feast commercials. Don’t judge me. I really truly want to write, direct and star in a cat food commercial. is there anyone out there that can help me make this dream a reality?

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Top 3 Best Things on the Internet Today!

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New Major Lazer / La Roux Album!!!

Do you like Fun? Do you like sounds in your ears? Do you like fun sounds in your ears?! You’re in luck! Major Lazer and La Roux have teamed up on a fantastic new album called ” Lazerproof” and its available free for download. Its got some killer reggae vibes and for you dance fiends there are some choice tracks in there as well.  Check it out below.

Download the album Here!

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Animals Autotuned: Wolves

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Holy Cute.

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I don’t need a jacket.

My incredible brother just posted this on my Facebook. Arthur has all of the joy of humanity in his laugh.

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I’m really excited about this record..

Colour Revolt – Cradle – August 10th, 2010

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121 Feet

Watching a heavy set guy run 121 feet to stab a cardboard cutout with a kitchen knife is at the least, moderately funny.

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Current Desktop Photo!

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