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New Major Lazer / La Roux Album!!!

Do you like Fun? Do you like sounds in your ears? Do you like fun sounds in your ears?! You’re in luck! Major Lazer and La Roux have teamed up on a fantastic new album called ” Lazerproof” and its available free for download. Its got some killer reggae vibes and for you dance fiends there are some choice tracks in there as well.  Check it out below.

Download the album Here!

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I’m really excited about this record..

Colour Revolt – Cradle – August 10th, 2010

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Top 5 Countdown of the Best Songs Ever!

Number 2. Tears for Fears — Everybody Wants to Rule the World

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Top 5 Countdown of The Best Songs Ever!

Number 4. U2 – With or Without You.

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Top 5 Countdown of The Best Songs Ever!

Number 5. Steely Dan — Do it Again.

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Divide The Sea

“Hey. Ya’ll ready to get down??..” Gunpowder. Pinch Harmonics. Brutality. Ever wanted to listen to what it feels like to rip a phone book in half?

FFO: EveryTime I Die, Maylene & The Sons of Disaster, He is Legend


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The Crystal Skulls

One of my all time favorite summer records. As we here in Florida are quickly careening towards inevitable humidity and heat induced discomfort, do yourself a favor get this Crystal Skulls record. If you were a fan of Seldom a wonderful yet unappreciated band out of Seattle you will enjoy this record. Clean guitars, simple vocals and a super talented bassist.

FFO: Seldom, Karate, Convoj


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The Mercury Program

Etheral. Moving ambient. Do you like Brian Eno but sometimes fall asleep listening to him? Thats good, however if you want some sweet sweet tones to keep you awake and still mellow you out. Dig this record. So good.

FFO: Loscil, The Appleseed Cast, Aloha


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The Black Seeds

Tomorrow morning my sweet bride and I are flying to Jamaica to celebrate one year of true wedded bliss. We are both huge reggae fans and believe that if given a chance, the genre of reggae could be one of yours too! The Black Seeds are a “Kiwi” or New Zealand based reggae group that I came across while my family was traveling through the South Island. They’ve become one of my favorite groups over the past two years and I thought you may dig them!

FFO: Bob Marley, John Brown’s Body, Easy Star All-Stars


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