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The Heavens are Personal

So I’m not much of a writer, but my good friend Cole Nesmith asked me to write a piece about the relationship that God has with us through the lens of the eternity of Heaven. Here is what I came up with..

Heaven must smell like the inside of a hymnal.
Ancient. Frail. Trapped. Like a tarp being pulled off of dusty old furniture.

I wonder if my back would hurt from the unforgiving wood of the eternal pew behind me.
Upright. Consistent. Unmerciful. Like a cast reminding me to show my good manners for a guest who was counting my errors against my lack of proper upbringing.

Heaven must sound like weary voices.
Parched. Thin. Waning. Like a chorus of open graves, forever repeating what most certainly could grow stale.

I wonder if my attention will sag under the weight of time and my mind will wander back to the Earth below.
Unfettered. Anemic. Shallow. Like a bulb that burns out leaving a street dimly lit.

For a long time I felt like Heaven would be like a disinteresting church service, only it would never end.
Have you ever stopped to think about what YOU think heaven is going to be like?
How does your view of Heaven reflect your view of the relationship you have with God?
Is it parched? Unmerciful? Shallow? Ancient?

Sometimes Heaven feels distant. Though its always a moment, a breath or lack of breath away.
Sometimes Abba feels distant. Though he’s always a moment, a breath or lack of breath away.

One of my best friends Mom died from an aggressive form of cancer last week. Its interesting how the finality of death leads us to contemplate the eternity of what’s after it. I hadn’t really thought much about heaven for a long time, until recently. Heaven says so much about humanity’s relationship with God. 

Heaven is the part of God’s relationship with us where we will finally be unable to reject and ignore all of the promises He has made to us. In his presence we will be unable to deny his love, grace, and acceptance of us. We will be able to exist in relationship with Him finally without sin and all of the hindrances thereof. Forever accepting his profound desire to be near us as it began with Adam and Eve in the garden. Spending everlasting to everlasting illuminated in his great Love for us.

Our mind can not fathom eternity.
Just like our mind can not fathom infinite abounding love.

1 Corinthians 2: 9

9 It is written:
“What no eye has seen, 
what no ear has heard, 

and what no human mind has conceived—
  these things God has prepared for those who love him”

The creator of the entire universe is also the lover of your soul. He intimately cares for you, personally. The place he has prepared for you for eternity is beyond the beauty of what your eye has seen, beyond the harmony of what your hear has heard and beyond what your mind is even able to imagine.

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